Slice Credit Card: Features, Benefits, Fees & Charges in 2023

About Slice Company

Slice credit card is a service part of slice company. Slice is a Bangalore, India based financial technology fintech startup Company. Rajan Bajaj had founded Slice in January 2016 with a thought to build a best platform for the youth that solves all their financial needs. This startup company was founded with a focus on youngsters, they aim to build a simple, smart and transparent financial platform to redesign the financial experience for the Users.

Slice has taken a non-banking financial company (NBFC) license from the Reserve Bank of India in 2019. They provide app based credit cards in India. Initially the company started its operations with Easy Monthly Installment (EMI) payment services. After partnership with Visa in 2019, they launched Slice Credit Card which allows users to make both online and offline payments. Slice raised their first funding from an early stage Indian Pre Series A investor – Blume Ventures.

Slice Credit Card Apply | Slice credit card eligibility in 2023

At the time of signing up on the Slice App, they ask for your E-mail Id & Phone number only & allows you a credit of ₹ 5000. After a few months Slice will increase the limit from 5000 rupees according to the users expense and repayments.

Slice Credit Card Benifits

While using a slice card you get a number of offers, rewards, no cost EMI and Emergency cash. You can also earn ₹ 300 by inviting your friends, family and the known one’s. You can invite your friends and family from all social media platforms. After each successful expense with a slice card initially they provide 1% monies (points) of expense amount as reward. You can convert these monies in rupees @10% (10 monies= 1 Rupees).You can unlock 1.5% of the reward rate when you collect 3,00,000 monies. If you collect 5,00,000 monies, then you will get a 2% reward rate for your future expenses.

If you want to earn ₹ 300, then sign up in Slice with this code or by this link:- DEXTER134339

You will definitely love using a slice card if you love to shop. Whether you shop online or offline you will definitely get some offers in most of the brand stores and famous shopping websites like Levis, Tata Cliq, Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, Bigbasket, MMT (Make My Trip), McDonald’s and so on.

At the end of month you will get 5 more days to pay off your bills in Slice. You clear your bills in one payment and if you can also split your bills in three months for no cost EMI.

While using credit cards, we always care about our CIBIL (credit score) score. In Slice you can always have your attention on your CIBIL score. Slice Application provides a separate page for showing your CIBIL score. They also give you many tips to improve your credit score.

Slice Card Pricing

Slice charges you Zero Rupees for the card booking, delivery, annual charges and on 3 months easy EMI.

Charges TypeAmount
Card Booking and Delivery fee₹ 0
Charges on card bill when paid in full by due date₹ 0
Charges on card bill when sliced over 3 months₹ 0
Annual or any other recurring charges₹ 0

Slice Card Other Charges

I consider slice is also best in terms of other hidden charges like pay in installments charges, repayments charges, late charges and in fuel surcharge as compared to the other credit cards providers.

Pay in Installments

  1. Card, Gift Cards & Emergency Cash Transfer:- The interest rate is dynamically calculated based on the tenure chosen as well as the assessment on customer Profile. The interest rate will be shown at the time of transaction.
  2. Card & Gift Cards:- ₹ 0 service fee
  3. Emergency Cash Transfer:- Transfer as per the amount.

Bank transfer type transactions have some transfer fees levied on them. Here is how they are calculated.

Your total order amount = Transfer amount – Cashback / Discount applied + Transfer fee

The transfer fee added is calculated as per this table:-

Order AmountTransfer Amount
₹ 0 – ₹ 200₹ 10
₹ 201 – ₹ 500₹ 30
₹ 501 – ₹ 1000₹ 60
₹ 29,500 – ₹ 30,000₹ 1670
More Than ₹ 30,000₹ 1800

For every increment of ₹ 500 in the withdrawal amount, slice will add ₹ 30 to the transfer fee with a maximum cap of ₹ 1,800.

Repayments By

  • UPI/ Net Banking: ₹ 0
  • Debit Card: ₹ 10

Late Charges

Daily Charges (as defined below) or 30% of Outstanding amount, whichever is lower (Maximum 3000 rupees).

Principal Outstanding AmountPer Day Charges
₹ 0 to ₹500₹ 0
₹ 501 to ₹ 5,000₹ 20
₹ 5,001 to ₹ 20K₹ 50
More Than ₹ 20K₹ 100

Fuel Surcharge

  • For each Fuel transaction less than ₹ 5000, fuel surcharge will be waived off with a cap of ₹ 200 in one billing cycle.
  • 2% or ₹ 10, whichever is higher will be levied after exceeding the maximum limits mentioned above.

Financial Partner of Slice

Here is a list of some financial partners of Slice:-

  • DMI Finance Private Limited
  • Quadrillion Finance Private Limited
  • Fairassets Technologies India Private Limited
  • Aphelion Finance Private Limited
  • Northern Arc Capital Limited
  • Vivriti Capital Private Limited

Slice Contact Details | slice credit card customer care number and E-mail Id

Customer Support

  • +91-8047096430

Slice Registered Office Address

GaragePreneurs Internet Pvt Ltd

747, Pooja Building, 80ft Road, 4th Block, Koramangala Bangalore – 560034

Slice Help Center

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