What is Gullak India’s saving app? | Benefits of Gullak App & Review 2023

Gullak is a digital wallet, which insists you to invest your money in 24k 99.99% Digital Gold. Your Digital Gold will be stored in IDBI secured vaults.

How does the Gullak app work ?

 Gullak’s works on AI. It allows the customer to save their small sums of money on daily basis and on monthly basis and invest automatically into 24k 99.99% Digital gold in IDBI secured vaults. You can also save and invest your money by its every spend feature.

What is every spend feature in Gullak ?

If you ask me, what is every spend feature in digital Gullak. So, whenever you spend your money online or make an online transaction, Gullak will round off your total bill amount by the nearest multiple of ₹ 10 and invest this into gold, Although you can edit & customize this amount by changing the nearest round off limit & adding multipliers to increase your savings.

But how does this rounding off feature work? To understand the rounding feature of gullak app then Imagine that you have made any online transaction of ₹ 83, then the gullak will round off this ₹ 83 by its nearest multiple 10s, i.e. ₹ 90. And this spare change of ₹ 7 will invest in Gullak.

What are the Benifits of saving in Gullak app 2023?

In simple words, there are numbers of benifits of saving in Gullak App in 2022. Like :-

  • You can save and invest daily.
  • You can set your investment on automation.
  • Save and invest in low investment also.
  • You can automate your saving but yet this will under your control.
  • Create multiple and customised goals.
  • Get rewards when you reach milestones.
  • You will experience the magic of compounding in saving and investment.
  • Your Digital gold will be stored in secured IDBI vaults.
  • You will get 24k 100% Hallmark Gold, no making charges on gold and free doorstep delivery.
  • You can beat the inflation rate.
  • Everything is only on one click

How to save and invest in Digital Gullak App?

There are many ways to save your money in digital gullak app, like to save on every digital spend, by investing in digital gold of a lump-sum amount or you can set up some small amount of money on a daily basis or on monthly basis.

If you want to save on a daily basis then you can invest minimum ₹ 10 and maximum ₹ 500 per day. And if you go with monthly savings then you have to invest a minimum amount of per month is ₹ 300 and maximum ₹5000. You can also choose any date for every month to invest on that date.

The Gullak application will also help you in the calculation of your savings and earning over different periods of times with different amounts also. Like you can check what amount you will get after some year of investment. This feature will help in budgeting the saving amount.

While investing in the Digital Gullak app, you have some freedom in investing your money. Like you can set up this all investing way on automation or manual, you can pause, change frequency of time, edit amount and withdraw your money anytime.

How to download Gullak app and sign up?

For investing in Gullak app, you need to:-

Step 1. Download the Digital Gullak App.

Digital Gullak App

Step 2. Sign up here with your mobile number.

Digital Gullak App

Step 3. Confirm the mobile number with OTP verification.

Digital Gullak App 3 The Bank mantra

Step 4. Now you need to put your name, age and my Gullak referal code i.e. 1RC2CC. (if you use my Gullak referral code, then you will extra ₹ 10 and i will ₹50.)

Digital Gullak App 2 The Bank mantra

Step 5. Finally you will get logged in.

Digital Gullak App 16 The Bank mantra

Step 6. start making small goals accoring to your budget and start saving with investment.

Gullak app goals

if you use my Gullak referral code, then you will extra ₹ 10 and i will ₹50. My refer code is 1RC2CC

Gullak app also claims that your saving are 100% safe because Gullak app is:-

  • Partnered with PayTm
  • Build by Makers of BHIM
  • Government accredited gold provider
  • 24k 100% Hallmark Gold
  • Gold will stored in iDBI secured vaults


Gullak application will automates yours savings and investments in a secure way. It will make extremely easy for you to save small amounts on daily basis and invest, it in wealth-creating assets like gold to meet all your long term financial goals.

You can also set up your recurring daily savings amount or invest your the spare change, every time whenever you make any online transaction. Everything is automated yet you can controleverything. You can withdraw, pause, change the frequency, and edit the amount anytime.

Achieve your financial goals with small, smart savings and secure your future with Gullak. Start your wealth creation journey in just 30 seconds and live a stress-free life.


  • Is gullak app safe ?

    Yes, gullak app is 100% safe. Gullak is partnered with PayTm fo providing you secured payment gateways and it is built with the makers of BHIM. Gullak Follow all the rules and guidelines of RBI.

  • How to save daily in gold?

    Use Gullak, india’s saving app to save and invest daily in 24k 100% gold.

  • What is digital gold?

    Digital gold menas, you have purchase the gold but not in physical gold like any gold buscuit, bar or any gold jwellery. It is only purchased on your behalf today’s price by any company and they secured your gold in their lockers. whenever you want that physical gold, you can get that.

  • What do you mean by savings?

    Saving is the portion of your income which is not spent in current expenditures, you just keep aside that amount of money for your future needs.

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